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The Great American Bagel’s school lunch program offers a wide range of items from soup and chili to our famous Tomazzo® and Triple Cheese Melt. Below is just a sampling of the many items we have available for school lunches. If you do not see an item on the list that you are interested in serving your children, please do not hesitate to let us know. The menu and what is available is very flexible and can be arranged to accommodate each individual school’s needs.

We deliver the lunches directly to your school at the time arranged. The food is delivered in large coolers in order to keep the cold food cold and hot food still piping hot. The coolers are then picked up after the lunch has ended. We also provide napkins and all the standard condiments for our sandwiches. In order to make it easier on your lunch helpers and staff, we also provide easy-to-read order forms that are filled out by the parents and tally sheets to help make calculating the entire order easier.

In addition to providing a nutritional lunch for your children, the same program can also be made available to the faculty and staff of your school. For more information on our school lunch program or to arrange a meeting where you and your children can taste our products and further discuss our program, please contact the store nearest you or call 1-888-BAGELME.

• Cheese Tomazzo®
• Pepperoni Tomazzo®
• Triple Cheese Melt
• Ham & Cheese Melt
• Turkey & Cheese Sandwich
• Ham & Cheese Sandwich
• Bacon and Tomato with Cheese
• Bagel Dog
• Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese
• Hamburger
• Cheeseburger
• Bacon Cheeseburger
• Chicken with Cheese
• Chicken with Bacon and Cheese
• Chicken BBQ with Cheese
• Chicken Parmigiana
• Chicken Noodle Soup
• Chili
• Potato Chips/Frito Lay Fritos
• Fresh Fruit Cup
• Strawberry Smoothie
• Brownie
• Chocolate Chip Cookie

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